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No new neighbors.

Yesterday morning, a couple guys showed up at the vacant trailer next door. I had heard from a friendly neighbor that the trailer was to be auctioned that day. I watched them from my kitchen window. The guys chatted in the driveway for a few minutes, then walked up to the front door of the trailer and unlocked it. One of them peeked inside, but that was it. They both left. No potential bidders showed up for the auction. That afternoon I went for a walk, and the same friendly neighbor told me he's seen a warren of rabbits pop in and out of the hole in the skirt of the trailer, and that the trailer likely housed a mischief of mice, and to watch out for them migrating to my trailer this spring. I thanked him for his caution and continued my walk. Approaching the cul-de-sac on my lane, I saw a stark white chicken scamper into a backyard. I couldn't tell whether it was a pet chicken or a feral one. (There are no wild chickens in Lopstick to speak of, Abundant wild turkeys, though.) I take the chicken as a sign of prosperity (for the mice and rabbits?), though I'm certain I wasn't dreaming...

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