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No place for a frog.

Twice in two weeks I've discovered a frog on (not in) my grill.

Now my grill is on my deck and is extra-large -- big and tall -- and so it takes an effort to crawl up onto it, especially for a frog. Each time the frog was hanging out on the front side of the outside of my grill, on a vertical surface in what I assume is the condiment and utensil tray. Each time I discovered the frog, the sun had been out for a while, and the metal grill was getting hot. And each time, I rescued the poor thing by coaxing it (or "s/he" and / or "them," etc for those occupying the intersection of animal rights and pronoun power) into a large vegan yogurt container a quarter full of cool water. Then I set the container, partially tilted, in a shady spot in the forest. And about an hour or so later, the frog had jumped out and had gone on its, her / his, their, etc merry way.

And the frog looked the same each time -- same coloring, size, etc. And not just because the frog had climbed onto my grill. So, could've been the same frog. Because, come on, what frog does that??

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