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Return of the miasma...

The miasmic mist is back... flowing from the abandoned tannery...

The sulfur smell is so strong that it permeates my trailer, even with the doors and windows shut tight for days, and the air purifier on full blast. One day last week I stepped outside with some compost, but didn't make it to the compost pile. The stench was thick as the mist that perpetually envelopes the Lopstick valley. So I left the bucket of slop to freeze on my snow-covered grill.

My new next-door neighbors have moved all their belongings in by now. I saw a moving truck unload several times over the course of a few weeks. They took their time. But now they seem to be staying away. I don't know whether they're treating their brand-new trailer as a second home, or whether they're put off by Lopstick's miasma...

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