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On the first day of March -- the first day of meteorological spring -- I took a bunch of packets of seeds, opened them, and poured them into plastic trays. Then filled the trays with water. Today, no activity yet. But I'm not expecting to see any until at least a few weeks from now, as the packets say the germinations take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month... and the packets are 5 years old. They're left over from a close-out surplus a kindly neighbor scored from Lowe's. And as per usual, despite intending to keep track of which seeds correspond to which expected seedlings... I got them mixed up. At just a glance, I've no way of telling a future basil from a future cilantro from a future parsley. But at this point, perhaps I prefer it that way... there must be some reason I'm so garden-chaotic. Perhaps it's a side-effect of the Lopstick spores...

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