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Sheenan and the Behemoth are gone.

Shenan and the behemoth were escorted out by the Hillsborough County Sheriff this morning. I watched them leave through the kitchen window. There were about seven police officers there. Some were standing beside the sheriff's car, which was parked on the lane, some were standing by her front door, going in and out of the trailer, and some were talking to her -- she was in her car with the Behemoth. After a while, she got out of her car and sat on a stool in her driveway. She was crying the whole time. They finally gave her a mask and she put it on. They put her packed bags in the back of a hatchback taxi and then they left. Soon after, the taxi drove Sheenan and the Behemoth away. I will miss her friendly presence, and I wish her well. I wonder what it's like in that trailer! It will be razed soon...

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