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Still no (visible) activity in the herb seeds I've been keeping wettish since the first day of March. And so I've set out four packets -- Brack Krim, Dinner Plate, Heirloom Cherry Mix, and Gourmet Heirloom Mix -- of fresh 2022 tomato seeds in trays, this time with wettish paper towels. So there'll be less of a wet / dry teeter-totter happening day to day.

Also, these tomato seed packets instruct: "Direct Sow: Not Recommended" (italics theirs). And the Brack Krim packet instructs: "Hard Seed: May need presoaking for increased viability" (bold and italics theirs). So my plan is optimal.

And now that the tomato seeds are safely tucked into their snug little temporary waterbeds, I shall see some tomato plant sprouts in a week or so. And I shall carefully tend to those sprouts, then plant the seedlings into indoor pots, then move those pots outdoors onto my sunny back deck, then plant the tomato plants in my "moist, fertile, well-drained" (quote again from the packets) garden. I am a bit bewildered at the amount of planning that I am putting into this. But I shall have an abundant, organic selection of the world's most perfect fruit by August!

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