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Something's trying to get in...

With the snow and ice nearly melted, I decided to investigate the goings-on inside the abandoned trailer next door. So I made my way across the sodden yard to the far end of the trailer and saw this.

And just then my friendly neighbor walked up and told me which woodland creature had the go.

"That here's from a bear. Must've smelled the fermenting food inside."

And I thought back over the last few week's worth of nights and didn't recall ever hearing such a clamor. So it was a stealthy bear. And suddenly the noisy mouse I discovered in my own trailer last week didn't seem like such an emergency.

But the next night, as I was putting some out-going mail in my mailbox, I heard a loud tapping... coming from the abandoned trailer. I tip-toed over and peered into the dark. The tapping was so emphatic it sounded like something was trying to get in the trailer... or out. Then mercifully, the tapping stopped. Perhaps it was a woodpecker. Yes, it had to have been a woodpecker...

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