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This evening I took my first moonlight stroll of the year. The temperature was finally above freezing at dusk, the lanes were mostly clear of ice and snow, and the large puddles easy to navigate. So off I went...

A couple nights prior, a wind storm had swept through Lopstick. I remember being bundled in bed, listening to branches creak and snap off their tree trunks, some of them slamming into the trailer. I had wondered whether a branch would smash through a window. I got lucky -- no structural damage to speak of.

Back to my stroll... Wasn't much moonlight, as the cloud bank was thick in every direction. But as I rounded Pluto Lane -- the lane with the most wide open sky -- I saw a moonlight-tinged slit leading the way home. I knew the Moon was somewhere the cloud-lid. And as I turned the corner onto Saturn Lane, the lunar-eye winked.

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